3rd International E-Reading & Tablet Conference

3rd International E-Reading & Tablet Conference

How to make business on e-Readers and tablets 2010 and beyond?

5 October 2010
Hamburg, Germany
Language(s): English; German

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Market growth gives rise to niches

In 2010, consumers have an abundance of choices among dozens of new e-readers and several multimedia tablet devices (like the iPad, or the future HP Slate and Neofonie WeTab). Some 20 million people are expected to buy one of these devices. And probably more than 5 million customers for the iPad alone.
The emergence of a new generation of tablet in 2010 has pushed another deadline on the e-reading projects of publishers.


9.00 Coffee and registration
10.00 Opening of the conference
18.00 End of the programme


> Dr Kristina Sabelström Möller, Senior Research Manager, Emerging Digital Platforms and Business Development, WAN-IFRA GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


Session 1: The market perspective

> Introduction, trends and overview
WAN-IFRA works globally with e-reading projects, looking at technology, publishing trends and business models. The big question as of today is what products will stay the hype, for what consumer groups, at what price and on which technologies and devices.
Dr Kristina Sabelström Möller, Senior Research Manager, Emerging Digital Platforms and Business Development, WAN-IFRA GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

> How new devices are changing the consumption of news: Understanding the challenges of eReading
After the hype of new devices and disruptive technology comes the real challenge – to understand if and how the consumers change their attitudes and habits. Forrester Research have thoroughly studied the implication of e-readers in US and Europe.
Nick Thomas, Analyst Consumer Product Strategy, Forrester Research, UK

> E-reading delivery formats – overview and future trends
Speaker to be announced

Session 2: Technology and ecosystems – the vendors view

> Efficiently creating and monetizing newspapers on tablets
Addressing the challenges faced along the value chain to ensure profitability and an enriched user experience when adapting newspapers to tablet devices.
Kurt Dressel, Sales Director for NDS’s e-Publishing group, UK

> Simplify crossmedia and capitalize growth opportunities
Use your resources efficiently by simply repurposing
print content for online environments. Stay flexible –
create your ePaper inhouse and increase your revenue
opportunities by extending sales and service offerings.
Andreas Besser, Managing Director, OneVision Software Entwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

> 9 months of Tablet Publishing
Since the launch of the iPad in the US, WoodWing has given a great number of publishers the opportunity to produce interactive publications for the tablet. The audience will be presented with WoodWing’s experiences as a result of the “9 months of Tablet Publishing”
Hans Janssen, CEO of WoodWing Software, The Netherlands

> Adobe Systems Inc., USA (speaker to be announced)

> Introduction of Bridgestone’s novel E-reading device, AeroBee
The novel E-reading device, AeroBee, using Bridgestone’s electronic paper will be described in this presentation. The newly developed device has an 13 inch colour panel and a function of stylus pen input. It is believed that the device with a large screen with colour e-paper can expand potential applications such as e-newspaper, e-magazine, advertisements and electronic textbook.
Takahiro Matsuse, PhD, Fellow (Manager), Electronic Paper Marketing & Development Department, Advanced Business Division, Bridgestone Corporation, Japan

Session 3: The pioneering publishers’ solution and perspectives

> Codex – a Swiss joint venture for e-reading
The publishing houses Edipresse, NZZ, Ringier and Tamedia joined with Swisscom and Orell Füssli in order to develop a common digital channel of distribution. By creating an open platform of paid contents, the dependency on global equipment manufacturers should be solved and a possible future model of the print media should be tested in the context of a pilot project.
Roland Wittmann, Head Project Services, Tamedia, Switzerland

> e-vrit – a successful local e-reader product
The Israeli publisher, the Yedioth Group, jumped into the cold water of the e-reading market and digital books with their e-vrit project. Participants will learn more about the e-reader selection, localisation of the reader, integration of DRM and content preparation for e-pub format, as well as marketing aspects and business models.
Assaf Avrahami, CEO of YIT (Yedioth Information Technology), Israel

> Lessons learned from a top-ten-app launch on iPad
The Sun became the first tabloid newspaper to launch on the iPad in the UK in May. The Sun’s Director of Product Development Gary Thompson and online Editor Pete Picton will take you through the planning, the building and the launch lessons learned as they watched the app soar to number one in the best selling charts.
Pete Picton, Editor The Sun Online, The Sun, UK and Gary Thompson, Director of Product Development, The Sun, UK

> Gannett’s e-reading and iPad offerings
The Gannett group has worked intensely with publishing of their newspapers on e-readers and tablets. USA Today attracted a lot of attention at the launch of the iPad earlier this year. Gannett has a clear strategy for the e-reading market.
Craig McKinnis, Content Contracts & Relationships, Gannett Digital Ventures, US (via Skype)


Hamburg Messe
Room Osaka
Messeplatz 1
20357 Hamburg, Germany
Please use following link for access information www.hamburg-messe.de/en/anreise-hm

Please click here to see a list of hotels in the vicinity of the venue

Fees / Prix / Preise

For members:
EUR 650 + VAT

For non-members:
EUR 990 + VAT

Included in the registration is a free season ticket for IFRA Expo, 4 – 6 October 2010.

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